Container Domes vs. Traditional Structures in Australia

When it comes to flexible and adaptable shelter and storage solutions, container domes offer a range of benefits over traditional structures. The ability to quickly set up a durable shelter, pack it back down and set it up at another work site makes dome shelters a dynamic solution. At Container Domes Australia, we help businesses avoid the time and cost of erecting traditional structures with customisable container canopy structures. 

Easy Assembly and Disassembly

With a container canopy, you have access to a temporary shelter designed for easy assembly and disassembly. This allows for quick setup and teardown, saving valuable time, especially in industries like construction, civil engineering, mining and agriculture, where moving shelters around to different locations is beneficial.

Durable Framework and Cover

Heavy-duty polyethylene fabric tensioned over a curved steel framework makes for an incredibly durable but cost-effective shelter solution. Engineered to be permanent while being fully relocatable, you enjoy the robust construction quality of a permanent structure with the flexibility of being able to transport the entire set up.


The design of our dome shelters is all about helping clients benefit from portability. It’s not difficult to estimate the cost savings of enabling shelter or storage areas to be moved to different sites compared to erecting traditional structures. Accommodating shelter requirements of different projects in different locations becomes simple.

Maintenance Ease

Fabricated to withstand heavy rain, hail, scorching heat and extreme winds, maintenance and care is easy with dome shelters. Their galvanised steel construction also makes them resistant to pests. 

Economic and Environmental Benefits

Being able to move dome shelters saves costs while being the more environmentally friendly solution. Constructing new buildings and then taking them down ultimately generates more waste. Dome shelters can be reused over and over, minimising both your costs and environmental footprint.

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