Container Shed Supplier Shares Best Environmental Practices for Mines

The environment may not be a primary concern among mining workers, but the reality is that wherever people are, local ecosystems are directly affected. And this is no less what happens in mining locations across Australia. Due to the processes inherent in mining, there is a high likelihood of producing significant environmental damage, starting with exhausts from equipment, unused raw materials, destruction of vegetation etc., all of which can do serious harm to the environment.

The focus on sustainability in mining operations stems from concerns regarding the path of human development and its impact on the environment. As the demand for extracted natural resources grows with each passing day, mining companies need to actively promote sustainability within their organisations. To help you make a positive impact in your workplace, and consequently, the environment, here are some top tips recommended by your eco-friendly container shelter supplier.

Conserving water

Water has a large number of applications at mining sites. One way to conserve water is to divert surface water and pump groundwater. This way, mining operations can reduce the quantity of water they use while enhancing the quality of water that goes to aquatic ecosystems and other water users in industrial and municipal settings.

Conserving energy

Raw material mining and processing is inherently energy-intensive. The various applications of electricity, fuel and heat can produce greenhouse gases and increase the potential for environmental contamination. Great energy conservation methods include investing in renewable energy sources such as solar panels and wind turbines. Reducing energy consumption at the mining site can reduce operating costs, and this in turn can drive the price of the mined commodity down.

Conserving land

Mine sites can disturb the Earth’s total land surface because these often need vegetation cleared before structures can be constructed. Clearing of vegetation can potentially lead to deforestation and habitat loss. To reduce the damage to land, mining operations can implement the following measures:

  • Reduce the mining area’s overall footprint
  • Reduce the amount of waste produced and stored
  • Transplant or culture endangered plants found on site
  • Plan mines around existing infrastructure when possible

Container shed in Australia

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