Dome Shelters: Helping To Boost the Economic Activities of Australia

For the past couple of years, countries around the world have witnessed their fair share of devastations and natural disasters, displacing millions of people, destroying farmlands, and just generally impeding economic and industrial growth. A typical example is the Australian landscape which is often hit by severe floods, landslides, and wild fires, causing financial distress for its inhabitants and communities at large.

The Australian economy is one of the largest mixed market economies in the world, driven partly by its mining and agricultural sectors, featuring a lot of private investments and participation. To combat some of the problems brought about by these disasters, some forward thinking companies introduced dome shelters, specifically designed to solve the problems of warehousing and transporting large equipment back and forth. These shelters have been beneficial in three of Australia’s economic indicators: the industrial, rural agriculture, and mining sectors.

In the industrial setting, these on-site shelters offer a variety of uses. With these, it became a lot easier for companies to store their equipment in safe, movable structures and not worry about the effects of the elements. They also provide extra workspaces for employees, and therefore a certain measure of convenience.

In the rural agriculture scene, heavy machinery and tools need to be kept away from weather elements to avoid rusting. However, on-site shelters are also useful in housing livestock along with their feeds. It’s like an all new method for livestock farming.

Perhaps one of the major beneficiaries of the dome shelters in Australia is the mining industry. Harsh working conditions, coupled with its reliance on heavy duty equipment and finding suitable accommodation for the miners, mean a lot of storage space requirements. These domes pretty much provide an all in one solution to all these requirements. Equipment storage and movement between mining locations could be done in a more organized and effective manner.

No doubt, these site shelters have been a major boost to some key economic drivers of Australia by saving companies considerable amounts of time and money. The companies in turn have been able to invest in other areas and grow their business, providing more employment opportunities.

There are quite a few certified companies here in Australia that supply quality dome shelters with a considerable warranty structure and are ISO-certified, such as Container Domes. If you require these shelters for your business, they may be a great choice, especially since they also usually offer as much as a 10-year warranty on their products.


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