Domes Are Becoming Vital Structures in Mining Sites across Australia

The mining industry has perhaps some of the busiest workers with a plethora of heavy duty equipment in use and a lot of ground to cover each day. In a sector where employees are expected to spend most of their time outdoors, dome shelters are the most viable options when facilitating the mining processes. After all, workers can greatly increase productivity when the right workspace is provided for them. In fact, most mining industries in Australia prefer domes rather than building permanent structures on mine sites. In addition to being a cheaper alternative, domes can be erected in any available space as they are adjustable and can be custom made to fit your needs.


Before a mining company commences work, the first project is always based on finding out if a prospective area has the minerals needed. This process could mean having workers move from one location to another, sometimes far from the main office area. The process also includes looking for ore either on the surface or underground. In such situations, accommodation is often of primary importance to give the surveyors enough time to complete their work. Instead of renting a warehouse, which is often times expensive and bigger than necessary, a temporary dome shelter could serve the purpose without inconveniences. A properly constructed shelter has solar power with backup generators. It can also come packed with CCTV cameras, end walls and security lighting.


There are different stages that take place during mining, and evaluation is a major one that requires adequate shelter. It is an advanced stage where mineral deposits must be studied and understood. The techniques involved are radiometric, x-rays, and chemical tests. During this time, it is necessary for the site workers to have a comfortable and safe environment. The equipment used is also very sensitive and needs to be protected from the elements and theft, which service dome shelters are known to provide.

In Australia, the climate is generally hot, which is the common reason why companies find domes that can offer the protection needed. It is very important to purchase a fire and water resistant structure as well to be more prepared for any weather condition.

A major advantage mining sites gain with container shelters is their flexibility. These structures can be transferred from one place to another with little to no effort. With their versatility and the impact they have on the environment, they are the perfect investments for an outdoor industry. Most of these industries carry out challenging projects that require secure storage facilities and protection from harsh weather conditions.

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