Installing the Container Shelters that Can Meet Your Mine Site Needs

A mining site, no matter the type, usually consists of a range of facilities to support various operational needs. There should a place where laboratory works can be safely done, a wide area for storing machinery, and sleeping quarters for stay-in workers. These facilities, however, must be designed to be temporary structures only, considering the likelihood of immediate need for relocation or change in the site’s infrastructure.

You will rarely find mining sites that have fixed buildings stood on them. Most have container shelters, temporary facilities that are made up of well-assembled metal frames and sheets. The frame and bracing of a high-quality container shelter are usually made from tough metals, such as galvanized steel, while the walls and roof are made from a special fabric cover designed to reduce heat and cool.

Design Considerations

Not all container shelters are built the same. Most container shed installers custom-design their products to meet the specific needs of their clients. There are quite a handful of factors a client has to consider to make sure that the shelters in their mine site will perform their duties well. For instance, it is crucial to determine the mine’s needs in order to figure out the right sizes and materials for the shelters.

Container shelters for storing equipment normally require sufficient horizontal and vertical space. Those for laboratories and lodging may be smaller but should allow for partitioning. The type of material to me used will also be based on the shelter’s function. Other influential factors that you should take into account include the climate in the area and the availability of space.

Finding the Right Installer

Choosing the right container shed installation company is critical in the overall success of a mining operation. Of course, the quality of the materials they will use and their workmanship are also important. To ensure that you will hire the right service provider, you have to look into their license and certification. It will also help to know the building standards.

To ensure quality and safety of the firm’s building practices, they have to be ISO Certified. Furthermore, since you would want your shelters to meet Australian building standards, you should hire a firm that holds a Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) building licence. This way you can be sure that your equipment and workers will be safe throughout the duration of your mining operation.


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