Maximizing your Dome Shelter Utilization Through Solar-Powered Add-ons

What are the three biggest problems is mine sites?

– Safe Storage of expensive equipment

– Safety and comfortable working environment

– Providing services such as power to remote locations

One of the reasons why it’s so expensive to operate mine sites is their remoteness, which typically makes them inaccessible to community electrical grids.

Therefore providing power to these locations can be a challenge.
Combine that problem with the ever increasing goals set by mining companies  in regards to using renewable sources of energy, which are considered not only safer but can also lead to lower costs in the long run.

Over the past few years, there has been an increase in mining companies who are interested in renewable sources of energy, due to the increase in the price of diesel fuel, as well as the carbon tax that they require. While there are still some mining companies that are apprehensive about the reliability of solar energy, experts and our companies experience assure that it is capable of handling the job, particularly since most Australian mines are located in hot areas in outback Australia. The naturally hot climate will allow the panels to harness even more energy to sustain an operation’s needs.

The utilization of solar energy is still considered to be in its early stages and there are still a lot of research that needs to be done on this. For example, some container shed providers like Container Domes Australia now offer add-ons that will upgrade your basic storage into multi-functional spaces that is both safe and comfortable. Some make use of solar panels that capture energy for powering lights, CCTV units, and computers. With these add-ons, a regular storage space can easily be converted into an additional working space, such as an office or a resting lounge for workers, among other possible functions.

Uses like these are just the tip of the iceberg. It is estimated that installing a solar power plant in a mine in Australia could save 600,000 gallons of diesel. This means substantial cost savings, with an unlimited energy source.  For now, innovative container shelter manufacturers are leading the way in tapping this alternative that promises not only long-term financial benefits, but also a lasting contribution to environmental conservation.


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