Why You Should Protect Work Equipment with Durable Container Domes

Whether you operate a farm or own a manufacturing company, you likely make use of many tools and equipment on a day-to-day basis. Since these are all important in your business, you might be faced with providing space and housing for each in a cost-effective manner. The answer is simple: container domes and igloo shelters. Aside from being large and durable, these structures provide many benefits to business owners like you.

Different Dimensions

Companies offering these container domes provide many sizes for you to choose from. You may need a large dome to protect large equipment like tractors and trailers. Or, smaller domes may suit your property’s size better. However small or big the container needs to be, accurate dimensions are provided online. You therefore can rest assured the container will fit once it’s shipped to your location.


If you live in environments that get a lot of rain, then you need protective structures that are completely waterproof. You get this with container and igloo shelters. Featuring a rail-mounted base, these structures keep elements and water out so your equipment are fully protected. Since these areas remain dry, you’ll be able to work in a comfortable environment. Dirt and mud won’t be factors, nor will humid environments prone to mold.

Solar-Panel Compatible

Today, more and more companies are starting to transition to solar powered energy. Not only does this help you save money, but it helps reduce your carbon footprint as well because no toxic substances are emitted from green energy. Container domes are compatible with solar-panel kits, which come pre-installed if you’re looking for such a green source of energy. Using sunlight, these panels let you keep lights, small tools, and CCTV cameras working from basically free electricity.

Installation Services

Because of your busy lifestyle, you may not be able to put these structures together. That’s perfectly fine because there are installation services available to assist when you need them. A team of professionals can come out to your site and set up these structures quickly. They’ll make sure every part is in good condition and installed correctly for your safety.

These structures are renowned for their durability and customizability. Talk with manufacturing companies that sell them to see what solutions they can provide to keep equipment protected no matter what weather elements come your way.


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