Protect Your Workers as Well as Your Property with a Container Dome

Designed to stand up to Australia’s weather and climate conditions, container domes can shelter and protect equipment, vehicles, produce, livestock, and feed, making them a useful addition to mining, agriculture, and other outdoor industries.

A container dome can also be used to provide a sheltered space for your employees. Whether it’s offices, workshops, or just an area for rest and breaks, shade domes like those from Container Domes Australia can make working conditions more pleasant for manual workers and overseers.

Solving Workplace Logistics Issues

Heat and sun are two of the biggest problems facing outdoor workers in Australia. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun can burn and damage skin quickly, and the effect is increased when the rays are reflected off metal or concrete. Providing shelter for workers can keep them safe from the harmful effects of UV, especially during the middle of the day in the summer months.

Heat stress is also a hazard of outdoor work in summer, especially for manual labourers. Shade domes can provide a place to cool down and rest between tasks, protecting your employees’ health. Good insulation means the temperature inside the dome remains constant.

Working in noisy conditions can be stressful and tiring for workers, as well as potentially damaging their hearing. The walls of container domes effectively dampen external noise, providing a better working environment and improved concentration when used as office space, or a peaceful haven for breaks.

Due to the fabric construction of the container dome, they provide a shield from direct sunlight while allowing a good amount of natural light in. This eliminates the expense and difficulty of installing artificial lighting for office or workshop space. Natural light has also been found to be better for workers, causing less stress and eye strain, and increasing productivity.

Dust presents a hazard to worker health and property, and is a common problem in mining or agricultural environments. The protection offered by container domes makes them suitable for office or laboratory work, without the risk of contamination or destruction of samples or paperwork.

Because container domes are quick and easy to assemble and transport, they can provide temporary shelter wherever, and whenever, they are most needed.

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