Quality Container Dome Ensures Optimum Farm Security and Productivity

When it comes to farm operations, one needs to take into account all sorts of internal and external threats. An Australian Institute of Criminology farm crime survey in 2004 identified thefts involving livestock, vehicles, and equipment as the most frequent threats to farms in remote areas. Even hobby farms, or those usually located near urban centres but whose owners are not present for a considerable length of time, can be targets.

If you are mulling an expansion of your farm operations, look into which security measures you need to implement as part of an overall farm management programme. Allow companies such as Container Domes Australia to help you figure out suitable solutions for keeping your facilities protected.

Consider building a workspace facility such as a shade dome, which allows for easy and rapid access to staff and equipment. You will need to take into account the dimensions of the roof canopy and the number of shipping containers to serve as the foundation, depending on your needs.

Location, Location, Location

According to the Queensland Police, farm facilities should be built away from any access road but within sight of the farmhouse. You can confer with your container dome specialist before the project begins to keep labour costs to a minimum and set up the facility right on schedule. The site should ideally be well away from any grassy areas to thwart stealthy thieves; if need be, have the surrounding grassland trimmed.


Setting up a container dome as a farm structure calls for a full-service furnishing programme to back it up. A company such as Container Domes Australia can assist you in this regard by installing security cameras and interior/exterior lighting throughout the facility. The camera feeds are discreetly linked to a console somewhere in your household or office.

You would do well to have the camera coverage regularly analysed for full oversight, as intruders can gain entry by timing their movements to coincide with that of the security cameras. If the container dome has end walls and doors, make sure these areas are securely locked when not in use.

When farming is your bread and butter, you must take the lead in securing your investment. See what a container dome specialist can do for you today.


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