Protect Your Employees With Container Domes Australia, QLD

A shipping container shed is often associated with equipment storage, sheltering livestock and large scale mining operations, but an often overlooked function of these high quality and versatile structures is that they can also protect employees in a number of ways. In this blog, Container Domes Australia explores the ways in which a container roof shelter can be used to create a great working environment and to provide protection from the elements on difficult work sites. 

Engineered for Real World Safety 

Our container sheds are made using high quality materials sourced directly from well-known Australian suppliers. This gives us the ability to guarantee that every part of the structure, from the largest end wall to the smallest weld meets the stringent Australian standards. Each product is certified to Level of Importance 2 with wind rating for A, B, C and D. This means that no matter how severe conditions may be, your employees will be comfortably sheltered from dust, wind and debris. 

Create the Ideal Workspace 

A shipping container shed is much more than a temporary shelter. The strong frame and cover means that it can be used as a permanent structure for setting up workstations for all types of tasks. If your project involves heavy machinery, welding, fabrication and/ or other industrial processes, a container roof shelter can act as a reliable, weather protected space where industrial processes can be carried out safely and efficiently. 

Protecting Personnel with High-Quality Container Sheds

Australian working conditions can be notoriously challenging; harsh sunlight and heat are near constant concerns because of ultraviolet radiation, heat exhaustion, dehydration and more. A container roof shelter, with its large dome structure and insulating properties offers welcome respite from the midday heat, giving workers a space to rest and recover. 

It isn’t just protection from the heat; shipping container roof structures and walls are thick enough to cut out significant external noise, making it easier to rest, or to work on high-risk tasks with minimal distractions and lapses in concentration. 

Container Sheds for Employee Safety and Protection 

Container Domes Australia a trusted supplier of open, closed and semi-closed shipping container roof units and dome shelters for mining, oil and gas, farming and other industries. Whether you’re looking for a quiet environment for your employees to work in, protection from the elements or a comfortable worker’s lounge, our team can work with you to build exactly what you need. Contact Container Domes Australia online or call 1300 793 822 for a free quote on custom dome shelter systems.