End Walls vs No End Walls in Portable Dome Shelters in QLD

Dome shelters are extremely popular because they are easy to set up, transport and customise. Although a dome shelter in Australia offers a number of advantages on its own, an often overlooked benefit is the excellent all-weather protection and privacy provided by the various types of end walls that are available. Container Domes Australia specialises in adding full and partial end walls to dome shelters, enhancing the usability and versatility of the unit. Read on to learn the ways in which end walls can transform your operational capabilities. 

What is an End Wall? 

End walls in dome shelters allow you to provide robust all-weather protection for goods, equipment and employees, all year-round. Does an end wall mean that you have to compromise on ease of access and natural light? Not when you’re working with Container Domes Australia; our team instals both half and full end walls with clear entry/exit openings, secured entry points for protection and sealed door options. 

Whether you need to cover both sides of your portable dome shelters, keep one side open, or have different types of features on either side, the Container Domes Australia specialists have the experience and skill to build what you need.

Full End Walls come with concrete pier hold downs as standard but, we can also provide self-supporting End Wall Base Rails (meaning no footings or hold downs are required) while still complying with the maximum wind rating requirements for your area.

Using our Twistlock Bracket Mount System on your dome shelter? Take a look at our Twistlock Full End Wall option as well. Your entire Container Domes Australia setup can be fully installed with no hot works on site and no drilling through containers.

Benefits of End Walls for Dome Shelters

Here are just some of the reasons why an end wall is so beneficial for a dome shelter in Australia

  • High-quality protection from the harshest weather Australia can throw at you 
  • Half end walls for partial protection without compromising on access for large vehicles and storage containers 
  • Easy to install and dismantle, making it ideal for dynamic businesses that need to be flexible and mobile 
  • Customised entry and exit points 

Full and Partial End Wall for Dome Shelter in Australia

Looking for innovative ways to boost the functionality of dome shelters? Contact Container Domes Australia online or call 1300 793 822 for a free quote from a team of in-house designers who work closely with you to find the best dome shelter solutions for your organisation.