Everything To Know About Wind Regions in Australia

When planning any construction, understanding the wind regions of Australia is crucial. These regions are classified based on wind speeds and the frequency of extreme weather events.

They significantly influence the design, engineering specifications and overall safety of structures like our dome shelters and container roof shelters. This Container Domes blog will give you all the information you need about wind zones in Australia.

Australia Has Four Wind Regions

The four wind regions in Australia are as follows:

  1. Region A – Normal: Wind speeds of up to 147.6 km/h.
  2. Region B – Intermediate: Wind speeds of up to 186.84 km/h.
  3. Region C – Cyclonic: Wind speeds of up to 232.2 km/h.
  4. Region D – Severe Cyclonic: Wind speeds of up to 316.8 km/h

The Importance of Wind Regions to Our Shelter Solutions

The wind region classification is central to the planning and construction of our dome shelters. Every proposed location for our shelter structures is assessed to ensure it adheres to the appropriate design criteria, considering Australian building standards like AS1170.2. This assessment encompasses three main factors:

  1. Wind Regions: Structures are designed according to the wind region where they will be located.
  2. Terrain Category: This relates to an area’s exposure to wind due to the surrounding terrain.
  3. Importance Level: This level relates to the consequences to people or the public in the event of a building failure.

At Container Domes Australia, we prioritise your safety. Our assessment ensures that our container roof shelters are engineered to withstand the wind speeds in the region where they are being installed.

Customising Our Shelters to Your Needs

We tailor our shelter solutions to meet the rigorous demands of Australia’s diverse wind regions. Whether you are in an area with low wind speeds or a cyclonic area, we have a range of shelters designed to provide the utmost safety and durability, ensuring they stand firm against harsh Australian weather conditions.

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