Mining Equipment Need Proper Care, Maintenance and Container Shelters

Heavy mining equipment are not only expensive, but also hard to get. If a piece of equipment suddenly breaks down and the replacement is not due to arrive for another few days, the entire operation can be put on hold until replacement arrives.

To make things worse, sudden requests for delivery of heavy equipment, like draglines and mass excavators, will require extra payment for permits and transportation fees since mine sites are commonly in remote and hard to reach areas. Not only are you losing money through delays in operation, but you also have to pull out more cash just to get things back into order.

This is the top reason why proper care for these equipment is important. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Storage – Never leave your equipment out in the open. Once you’re done using them, safely store them in a good-quality container shed, like those provided by Container Domes Australia. Proper storage will prevent your machines from being overexposed to harsh natural forces, like dust, winds, heat, and UV rays, which are all factors for early deterioration.
  • Cleaning – Before placing your equipment in their respective container shelters, make sure that you clean off any dirt and debris. Dust could affect the oil and lubricants of your machines, while caked mud and rocks stuck in your track rollers will put pressure on the machine next time you use it.
  • Maintenance – You must always have an inspector in your work site who can check the condition of your equipment before and after each use. He/she must also have the know-how of basic replacements and maintenance. Oil, gas and coolant levels must be inspected as often as possible (multiple times a day is recommended), while radiators, air filters, and hydraulic connectors must be checked before each use.
  • Repairs – If possible, have a repair expert on-site, or at least ensure that you have someone to contact nearby in case of emergencies. This will ensure that all problems are addressed as quickly as possible to avoid operation delays.
  • Operators – Proper maintenance alone is not enough; it is also important that the people handling the equipment are well-trained. Inexperienced operators not only pose a threat to your machines, but to everyone on-site as well. A simple accident in a place as dangerous as a mine site can result to big problems, so make sure that your machines are only handled by those with the proper skills.

As a final reminder, always remember that your storage units or shelters must be strong and easily relocatable, so you’ll be able to store your machines at an area nearest the site. Moving your equipment back and forth will hasten its operational life.


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