How Using Dome Shelter can Help Solve the Problem of On-Farm Storage

In as little as 10 years, grain storage in the east of Australia is expected to grow by as much as 50 percent on farm. While this is good news, it does pose some logistical issues for the farm owners. Unless they prepare a solution for it, they may end up handling more grains than they could every really deal with.

Handling Grains

What’s most important in handling agricultural yields, such as grains, is to ensure that they are kept dry and stored well away from the scorching heat of the sun. Put them on the ground and soil moisture can make its way to the grains inside the sack, thereby compromising its quality. Leave it under the heat of the sun and it’s bound to deteriorate faster, too.

Ideally, sacks of grains should first be placed on a sheet of protective layering over the ground to prevent direct soil contact. Then, the storage structure where it will be stocked should be sturdy, durable, and secure enough to keep animals and other unwelcome guests from having access to it.

The Alternatives

Among the more common alternatives that farmers use for dome shelter is metal or plastic drums. These are easily stackable, and they do provide a snug, little shelter for the sacks of grains. However, this hardly satisfies the requirement for space.

If you were the farmer, you would want to have a structure that could accommodate more than just a few couple sacks of grains. This is where container domes prove to be particularly useful.

Container dome shelter in Australia is designed to provide ample space, safe and secure storage, and durability that can withstand harsh weather elements, whether it be an intensely hot day or heavy-pounding rain. These structures are also great for storing other items, such as farm machineries and handheld tools and equipment.

This way, working on the farm becomes a lot easier because you already have what you need on-site. It’s also a huge plus that with container domes around, this can also be used as a temporary shelter of sorts for the men working on the farm.

Certain designs, such as those from providers like Container Domes Australia, make it possible to disassemble the structure and move it to another location if needed. This mobility can prove to be helpful if a more optimal location is required for better storage of the yield.


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