Weatherproofing Container Shelters Makes Them More Resilient All Year

Container shelters are excellent ways to store sensitive items such as machinery, vehicles and tools. While there is no doubt that these structures have come a long way in recent years, owners still need to appreciate the ways in which they can be adequately protected from the elements. Not only will these approaches help to protect personal property, but the lifespan of the container shed itself can be dramatically lengthened.

Checking for Weak Points and Hints of Water Intrusion

Any type of structure will naturally exhibit certain areas that can be more susceptible to the elements than others. This is especially the case within regions known for copious amounts of rainfall. Though container shelters are designed to withstand the elements, years of heavy use would definitely take its toll on the structure.

It’s therefore best to take a proactive approach when it comes to weatherproofing. Check areas such as joints and where two sections of material are bonded to one another. These are more likely to suffer from water damage when compared to flat or sloped panels.

Insulating Foam

Keep in mind that weatherproofing container shelters involves much more than protecting against leaks. In fact, most owners need to be very concerned about temperature variations as well as the build-up of moisture. These can negatively impact the structure and potentially damage sensitive contents.

One excellent way to deal with these concerns is to use spray-on insulating foam, a durable material that can be a permanent solution to this issue. There are several advantages associated with this material when compared to more traditional options. For instance, spray foam can adhere to nearly any dimensions imaginable, and is able to coat small and hard-to-reach areas. This makes it more ideal in preventing drafts and air leaks.

Another very interesting aspect of spray foam is that it actually adds strength to the underlying structure once it dries. These are the primary reasons why weatherproofing an exterior shelter should always take into account the benefits that this foam has to offer.

Weatherproofing any type of container shed will enhance its longevity while simultaneously protecting its contents. Just remember these tips, as they can help you save time, money and potential aggravation.

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