Container Domes Australia from Inside and Out: Get to Know Us Deeper

If you’re looking for a fast, effective answer to your mining, industrial, and rural shelter requirements, Container Domes Australia is simply your best option. We are well-known as the industry’s standard when it comes to workplace shelter solutions such as container shelters, dome shelters, igloo shelters, and more.

Container Domes Australia was established to fill a need.  Tired of seeing the amount of inferior shelters going around that were easily damaged by harsh weather and weren’t durable enough to get your money’s worth,  we saw an opportunity, and we seized it. Now, we are the top provider of QUALITY Dome Shelters that are built to last, cost-effective, and made in Australia.

Our company

Container Domes Australia’s success as a company stems from our ability to provide workspace solutions that effectively address the needs of our clients—ensuring that our products and services add value to their business and its operations. Our commitment to service and quality is what keeps customers coming back, and our drive to continuously improve is what keeps us providing the best products on time, every time.

We are an ISO-certified company. We also have a Queensland builders license that permits us to have our own in-house installation team servicing Australia and the South Pacific. Our main focus is on quality, and this reflects in everything we do, be it manufacture, delivery, or installation.

Our products and services

We are committed to supply workspace solutions that are unique, engineer-certified, and easy to relocate. Because of our passion to meet the highest standards, we never compromise on the quality and integrity of our offerings. From custom jobs to large projects, we make our work look easy.

Our people

All of our employees understand our dedication to quality. That’s why we have a committed workforce that includes highly trained and experienced people. When you deal with us, you are assured that you’ll be met with courteousness and professionalism.

Feel free to contact us for a custom quote that fully covers what you have in mind. You may reach us by phone (1300 793 822) or email ( Let’s work together to reach your goals.