Customising Your Shipping Container Shed in Australia

When it comes to shelter and storage solutions, there are typically unique industry requirements to take into account. This means looking beyond standard, off-the-shelf options, instead opting for customised solutions that suit your exact needs. 

At Container Domes Australia, we provide various customisation options for your container roof shelter, from adjusting the size to exploring additional accessories such as end walls or different mounting options. Below, we look at some examples of how we can customise your storage solution for you. 

Alternative Mounting Options

While our dome shelters typically use shipping containers to mount the structure from either side, that’s not the only solution available. We also provide a range of alternative mounting options to cater for different site conditions and requirements. Our dome shelters can be mounted to the ground, on posts, to a wall or to another roof or supporting structure. 

Twistlock Brackets

Simplify set up, relocation and pack down with our patented Twistlock Brackets. Developed and patented by Container Domes Australia, this innovative system allows you to securely lock base rails onto your shipping container shed so you don’t have to do any bolting, screwing, welding or hot works on-site. This simplifies installation while ensuring no damage to the shipping containers. To pack down, simply unlock the brackets to remove the dome shelter.

End Walls 

Enclose your shelter entirely with end walls for complete protection against rain, dust and wind. Choose between half and full end wall options based on your needs with the ability to add entry and exit ways using gates, sealed doors or other options.

Accessories for Your Container Shelter

Choose from a wide range of accessories to enhance the functionality of your shipping container shed. This includes lighting, partition wall, windows, doors, workbenches, shelving and more to turn an ordinary shelter into a dynamic undercover working space that meets your precise needs. 

Get in Touch for a Free Quote on Custom Container Domes

From wind rating to size, the team at Container Domes Australia focuses on designing the ideal solution for every client based on their specific operation. All our custom dome container shelters come with a 10 year structural warranty. Contact us online or call 1300 793 822 for a free quote on container dome design, installation and servicing for the oil, mining and gas industry.