Choosing the Right Size & Design Dome Shelter in NSW

Selecting the appropriate size and design for your dome shelter is fundamental to ensure it meets the unique demands of your industry in NSW. A suitable shipping container shelter can significantly enhance operational efficiency for warehousing, mining or rural applications.

This Container Domes guide outlines the steps to consider when choosing a shipping container dome for your industry.

1. Identify Your Industry Needs:

Every industry has distinct requirements. Mining sectors, for example, often require robust shelters to withstand harsh conditions, whereas the agricultural sector may prioritise space for equipment storage. Understanding your industry’s needs is the first step in selecting the correct shipping container dome.

2. Evaluate Space Requirements:

shipping container shelter comes in various sizes, and determining your needed space is necessary. Consider the size and quantity of equipment, materials or vehicles housed within the shelter. Additionally, consider any future expansion plans that might necessitate a larger shelter.

3. Consider the Location:

The location where you plan to set up your dome shelter impacts the size and design you should opt for. Ensure the ground is level and clear of obstructions for easy installation and stability. Moreover, the region’s wind conditions can influence the design to ensure the shelter withstands local weather conditions.

4. Explore Design Flexibility:

shipping container shelter offers various design options, from basic canopies to fully enclosed shelters with end walls. Depending on your needs, a more complex design with added features like security systems or additional storage might be beneficial. Evaluate the design flexibility to ensure it meets your operational demands.

5. Assess Material Durability:

The material of the shipping container dome should be durable to withstand the environmental conditions of the location. Usually, galvanised steel and high-quality fabric are used due to their durability and ability to withstand harsh conditions.

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