Construction Site Container Roof Shelter in Australia

Working on a construction site can come with a variety of challenges, from safety risks and harsh weather exposure to logistical challenges around protecting tools and equipment. A shipping container shed provides the ultimate solution to many of these challenges, streamlining on-site operations with simple, easy to install temporary shelter.

Providing tailored solutions for the construction industry is a key specialty for the team here at Container Domes Australia. In this blog, we look at how our innovative shelters can improve the functionality of your construction site. 

Quick Shelter From Weather

Construction workers understand the hassle of unpredictable weather. It can often mean work grinds to a halt. Worse, workers can end up caught out in pouring rain. With a container roof shelter, it’s easy for everyone to access shelter from the elements when they need it. By setting the shelter up over certain areas of the work site, you can even maintain productivity and avoid weather-related delays. 

Store Essential Tools and Equipment

Your on-site shipping container shed can also function as a temporary storage room for tools and equipment. Having proper storage for these items is handy, particularly on remote construction sites. It’s also common to have a large amount of vehicles on your construction site, hauling materials in and waste out. With a range of sizes available, our shelter solutions can also be used as a garage for trucks, heavy machinery and other construction plans and equipment.

An Undercover Retreat for Workers

Setting up a place for workers to take breaks and eat meals is another important consideration, particularly on remote construction sites. Dome shelters are an easy solution, being incredibly quick and hassle free to set up. These spaces can essentially function as an on-site worker’s lounge on-site where people can take proper breaks, rest and recharge while sheltered from the elements. 

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