Container Domes for Farming in Australia: Top Benefits

Productive farming is about more than good harvests, it also requires a robust asset protection plan that can withstand all the challenges that arise in this particular sector. Whether protecting livestock from the elements, storing feed for long periods of time with minimal wastage or keeping equipment away from harsh weather, a container dome has many roles to play in the agricultural sector. Contact Container Domes Australia today for a wide range of customised container domes for farming needs. 

What are Container Covers Used For? 

Container covers from Container Domes Australia are made with the rigours of the Australian farming sector in mind. A high-quality container dome can be customised and fitted with half or full end walls for added protection. They are also easy to install, meaning less downtime, and can be dismantled and transported anywhere on the property to meet pressing needs. 

Container domes are useful for: 

  • Protecting tractors, harvesting machines and other equipment from all types of weather including dust 
  • Protecting livestock from heat and cold. End walls can be installed to keep livestock in while also maintaining visibility and allowing natural light in 
  • Storing fertiliser and feed, as well as protecting it from severe weather 
  • Providing extra workspace for all kinds of tasks 
  • Storage area for tools and vehicles, even aeroplanes and helicopters 

Features of a High-Quality Shipping Container Dome 

Not all shipping container dome systems are created equal. Although there are many brands selling dome shelters, it is important to invest in a product that will stand the test of time and remain safe. They should be made using materials that are sourced from trusted suppliers to allow manufacturers to guarantee that every component of the unit is of the highest quality. The best dome shelters in Australia are certified to wind regions A, B, C or D, with welds that are compliant with the very highest Australian standards. 

Versatile, Customised Solutions 

The most significant advantage of a shipping container shelter is that it can be customised with the help of expert dome shelter designers like Container Domes Australia. With in-house design teams at their disposal, professionals are able to provide on-site shelter recommendations that let you choose how flexible or permanent your structure needs to be. 

Shipping Container Shelter With Full and Partial End Walls in Australia 

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