Customising a Dome Shelter: Tailored Solutions for You

When it comes to meeting unique industry requirements in Australia, a one-size-fits-all approach often falls short. At Container Domes Australia, we understand this well and offer various customisation options to ensure that your dome shelter or container shelter precisely meets your needs. You can add essential accessories, explore alternative mounting options or design entirely customised solutions.

Accessories: Enhancing Functionality of a Container Shelter

Adding accessories to your container shelter can significantly enhance its functionality. You can transform a standard dome into a working office space complete with lighting, electrical setups, partitioning, windows and doors. Moreover, optimising the internal space by removing the side walls, installing shelving and workbenches or adding sidewall doorways can create a fully functional workshop or increase access to your storage space.

The Twistlock Bracket Mount System, a patented design by Container Domes Australia, ensures a safe, quick and easy installation of shelters, making it a must-have accessory if relocation or reselling is on the horizon.

Alternative Mounting: Versatility at Its Best

No containers? No problem! We provide various mounting options to cater to different site conditions. Our dome shelter can be post-mounted, wall-mounted, roof-mounted or ground-mounted without customisations.

This versatility in mounting options makes the shelters adaptable to various industries, including farming, aviation, entertainment, mining, oil and gas, construction, retail and sports, to name a few.

Complete Customised Solutions: Tailored to Perfection

For those after something more unique, our in-house design team is ready to tailor-make a custom-designed structure to suit your individual needs. Our team walks with you every step of the way, from conception to manufacture, ensuring you get the best on-site shelter solution. They focus on key areas such as quality, endurance, safety and quick and easy installation, aiming to kickstart your project without costly delays.

Your Container Shelter, Your Way

Customising your dome shelter to meet your specific requirements is not just about solving today’s problems but anticipating tomorrow’s challenges. With Container Domes Australia, you have a partner ready to tailor solutions to your unique demands, ensuring that your investment today pays dividends well into the future.

Ready to transform a container shelter into a tailored solution for your industry? Contact Container Domes Australia on 1300 793 822 to discuss your customisation options.