Customising Your Australian-Made Dome Container Shelter

With customisable solutions from Container Domes Australia, you can enhance both the functionality and versatility of your container roof shelter. We have a range of options to suit your unique needs. From mining and construction to farming and outdoor events, our accessories, alternative mounting options and custom designs allow you to meet the demands of Australian conditions.

Adding Accessories

Make your container shelter your own with these versatile accessory options:

  • The patented Twistlock Bracket Mount System streamlines installation by securely locking base rails onto containers, eliminating the need for bolting or welding while preventing container damage.
  • End walls, offered in half or full options, ensure comprehensive weather protection and wind resistance.
  • Versatile power and lighting solutions, such as solar systems and 3-phase power, are available to tailor shelters to unique requirements.

Customise your shelter to ensure straightforward, damage-free installation, robust weather protection and efficient power solutions.

Alternative Mounting Options

Versatility means the best option for you doesn’t necessarily need to be a container shelter. Our options can be mounted to surfaces other than containers. Shelters feature a standard base rail system that allows effortless mounting on a wide range of surfaces. Whether you need post, wall, roof or ground mounting, our shelters can adapt without requiring expensive modifications. Offering flexibility and a robust build, adaptable shelter can be used across a host of industries and purposes. This includes applications from farming, mining, construction and oil and gas to outdoor sporting and entertainment events.

Custom Designs

Providing the best possible custom solution starts with understanding your on-site requirements. In-house design experts collaborate with you from concept to completion, guiding you throughout the project. We understand the importance of precise information, trustworthy advice and swift progress from initial design to engineering certification. Our goal is to deliver a container roof shelter that precisely meets your unique needs. We specialise in providing expert guidance and expediting project timelines to prevent costly delays. Our skilled and dedicated team prioritises quality, durability, safety and easy installation in each setup.

See how you can customise a container roof shelter from Container Domes Australia to suit your unique needs. Call or contact us online to ask for your free quote. See how we can help you today!