Enhancing Your Container Dome Across Victoria Australia

When it comes to optimising your Container Domes setup, the right accessories can make all the difference. Our range of accessories is designed to enhance your container dome experience, from increasing functionality to providing added protection. In this blog post, we will highlight two essential accessories that can take your container dome to the next level: Twistlock Brackets and End Walls. Contact Container Domes today for dome shelters in Australia.

Twistlock Brackets: Simplify Installation and Demobilisation

Container Domes Australia takes pride in its innovative Twistlock Bracket Mount System, specifically designed, and patented for our container shelter. This system offers the easiest, quickest and safest installation method available. With Twistlock Brackets, there’s no need for bolting, screwing, welding or any hot works on site. The brackets securely lock the base rails of the structure onto the containers, ensuring a sturdy and reliable connection. The best part? This installation method causes zero damage to the containers, making it ideal for those considering site relocation or on-selling of the containers in the future.

End Walls: Maximise Protection and Accessibility

To maximise your work and storage areas while providing full weather protection, our End Walls are the perfect accessory. These walls shield your container dome from wind, rain and dust all year round. End Walls can be installed on one or both ends of your container dome shelter or ContainerShed™. They can include a clear opening entry/exit way for easy access or sealed entry points using gates, PA doors, or other secure door options. Our Full End Walls come with concrete pier hold downs as standard. Alternatively, we can provide self-supporting End Wall Base Rails that comply with maximum wind rating requirements without the need for footings or hold downs.

Enhance Your Container Dome Today

By adding Twistlock Brackets and End Walls to your container dome setup, you can significantly enhance its functionality, protection and accessibility. At Container Domes Australia, we provide these high-quality accessories to complement your container dome and meet your specific requirements.

For more information about our accessories or to discuss how they can enhance your container dome, contact us online today or call us on 1300 793 822 for container covers and container shelter in Australia.