Explained: Container Domes vs. Container Sheds In Australia

Container Domes Australia is passionate about providing a range of industries with precise and efficient on-site shelter solutions. Our range includes world-class container domes and shipping container roof options designed for the challenges faced by every Australian industry. In this blog, we explore the key differences between domes and sheds to help you make the right choice based on the needs of your organisation. 

How Important is Permanence? 

Based on the nature of your industry, you may or may not need to relocate operations. Although fully relocatable, a container shed can often be a more permanent shelter than a container dome. The container shed can easily support electrical and plumbing work and play a versatile role as a storage unit, office or both. 

A container dome is the best option for customers who need more height clearance under the roof. These units are easy to install, dismantle and transport. Container Domes Australia specialises in container dome services, helping customers increase, decrease or completely overhaul their dome storage as the need arises. 

What’s the Downtime? 

Container sheds are critical to organisations that need quality storage and shelter for personnel, equipment and inventory. However, the effects of downtime during shelter construction cannot be underestimated. 

While a standard steel shed is permanent, and can take many months to set up, a dome shelter can be installed within a few weeks. For industries that need to respond to sudden and unexpected requirements, a domed shipping container is likely to be the better option.

What are Your Key Requirements for a Shipping Container Shed?

A shipping container shed is the best option for customers who require: 

  • An easily transportable shelter system 
  • A unit that lets in natural light 
  • A shelter system that can be expanded or contracted based on current needs

A container shed is ideal for: 

  • Customers who want a reliable, permanent structure 
  • Applications that need electrical and plumbing
  • Weatherproof shelter that can last for decades

It is important to note that the permits required to build the structure will depend on the type of container shelter you choose.

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