Extending the Lifespan of Container Domes in Australia

A container shelter offers versatile solutions across a variety of industries, including everything from farming and mining to outdoor events. These structures are designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate and provide protection for a wide range of applications. To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your container dome shelter, it’s essential to follow best practices for maintenance and care. Here, the pros at Container Domes Australia explore some key tips for maintaining and extending the lifespan of these shelters.

Regular Inspection of Container Covers

Regularly inspecting the container covers of your dome shelter is one important way to maximise its usage life. Check for any signs of damage such as tears, holes or stretching. Well-maintained container covers are crucial for protecting the contents of your container shelter from the elements.

Monitoring Nuts and Screws

Text: Routinely, perform a thorough check of all nuts and screws used in the structure of your container shelter. Over time, these components may loosen due to anything from natural vibrations to environmental factors. Tighten any loose nuts and screws to ensure structural integrity. If any fasteners are missing or damaged, replace them as soon as possible.

Examine the Steel Frame and Check for Rust

Text: Inspect the steel frame of your dome shelter for signs of damage, including dents, cracks or rust. These imperfections can eventually compromise the structural integrity of the shelter and may lead to costly repairs if left unaddressed. If you notice any rust on the steel frame, take immediate action to prevent further corrosion. Sand down the affected area to remove rust and apply a protective coating, such as high-quality silver zinc spray, to guard against moisture and rust formation.

Pressure Wash the Exterior

No matter how strong our container domes may be, they will still accumulate dust, debris and other corrosive materials over time when exposed to the harsh Australian environment. That’s why routine pressure washing is a great idea when looking at extending the life of your investment. This practice will help dislodge corrosive materials and keep your dome shelter looking clean and well-maintained.

Maximise the potential of your container shelter investment with best practice tips from Container Domes Australia. If you’re looking for a new dome shelter or accessories, call or contact us online to request your free quote.