Farm Expansion Made Easy With Container Domes in Australia

Quality shelter is an essential component when it comes to boosting agricultural growth and output for your farming operation. Great storage is just as important as good harvests. With container domes, you can reduce the cost of adding extra space for storing harvests as well as protecting farming equipment and vehicles from the elements.

Container Domes Australia specialises in providing custom storage solutions for farming operations across the country, helping agricultural operations minimise wastage and protect assets from harsh weather. Explore the benefits in detail below.

What is a Container Canopy?

Container canopy domes are a simple yet versatile and highly effective storage solution. It involves mounting a dome shaped cover between two shipping containers, with the option for fitting half or full end walls for added protection. On farms, these storage solutions are ideal for: 

  • Protecting tractors, harvesters and other tools and equipment
  • Storing feed, harvests and fertiliser with protection from severe weather 
  • Providing extra undercover workspace for all kinds of tasks 
  • Protecting livestock from heat and cold with optional end walls to keep livestock in while also maintaining visibility and letting in natural light.

These fully customisable container domes are easy to install, modify and pack down, offering the flexibility to dismantle them and transport them across your property based on your needs. 

Features of a High-Quality Container Domes 

For a reliable, long lasting solution, it’s important to look for a reputable supplier with experience offering tailored solutions to the agricultural industry. At Container Domes Australia, our dome shelters are made using premium materials from Australian suppliers. Our shelters are also certified to wind regions A, B, C or D and made with welds that meet the highest Australian standards. 

Dome shelters height can  be customised, depending on your needs, designed by expert engineers to ensure maximum durability and functionality. 

Get in Touch for a Free Quote on Custom Dome Shelters

The team at Container Domes Australia are ready to deliver the perfect storage solution for your farming operation. All our custom dome shelters come with a 10 year structural warranty. Contact us online or call 1300 793 822 for a free quote.