Large Span Domes

Are you thinking of purchasing a Dome Shelter for your business? If so, focus on getting a modern shelter that will perfectly suit your needs.

Whether you operate a farm, manage large projects or own your own company. You most likely make use of many tools and equipment on a day-to-day basis. Since this equipment is important to your overall operations. Finding a cost-effective solution to house said equipment is simple: Container Domes Australia.

Large span dome shelters can easily span between 25m and 50m wide. Because our shelters are modular in design, they can also be any length you need. You can even stack your containers to achieve an extra high apex.  Our in-house design team can tailor make, a custom designed structure to suit your individual needs.

Our Large Span Shelters are used world-wide for a variety of applications. Including agricultural and industrial storage facilities, dry storage, entertainment venues, recycling facilities, mining and more.


If you need a cost-effective storage area or workspace, our large span shelters could be the perfect solution for you.