How Container Sheds Stand Up to Extreme Weather in Australia

When planning any construction, understanding how the structure will handle extreme weather is crucial. The type of conditions to expect vary depending on where you are in Australia. While many shipping container roof structures and shelters are designed to withstand sun, rain and hail, extreme wind is a particularly essential factor that cannot be overlooked. 

Container Domes Australia specialise in shipping container roof designs capable of withstanding the most severe wind events. Below, we explore the importance of wind regions and how they influence the design, engineering specifications and overall safety considerations of our dome shelters.

The Four Wind Regions of Australia

Australia is categorised into four wind regions based on the severity of windstorms expected in that area. Container sheds that meet a particular Wind Region Rating have been engineered to withstand the wind loads of that area according to the Australian Standards AS/NZS 1170:2:2002.

  • Wind Region A – Incorporates the southern coastline and most areas of inland Australia.
  • Wind Region B – The northern coastal areas of Australia typically not prone to cyclone weather
  • Wind Region C – The tropical cyclone prone regions of northern coastal Australia.
  • Wind Region D – The western coastline area prone to severe tropical cyclones.

Ensure your shelter solution is always designed according to the wind rating in your region to ensure long term safety and durability.

The Importance of Considering Wind Regions

Wind region classifications are crucial for carefully planning and constructing reliable dome shelters. In addition to designing structures according to the wind region where they are going to be located. Other important factors include:

  • Terrain Category – Exposure to higher wind levels due to terrain surrounding the structure.
  • Importance Level – The potential consequences to people or the public in the event of a structural failure.

Container Domes Australia prioritises safety with a thorough assessment process that ensures all our shelter and storage solutions are engineered to withstand the conditions in the region where they are installed. 

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