A Container Shed is Among the Essentials of Constructing a Mining Camp

Mining is among the many industries that necessitates the use of heavy-duty equipment, with their workers braving harsh conditions just to dig deep through the earth and discover treasures used in all kinds of industries. Mining companies will often set up camp in remote areas to further scout precious minerals that can benefit everyone.

Constructing a remote mine camp can be considered an art. Mining companies will need practical and conventional alternatives to permanent structures, and will opt for structures that are designed for easy installation, dismantling and relocating. Among these structures is the container shed, which the mining industry makes use frequent use of to help carry out their goal of scouting and producing minerals.

Defining a Remote Mining Camp

Remote mining camps are often constructed in isolated areas, far enough from civilization to become second homes for the miners. Mining camps are also typically staffed by other kinds of personnel (such as cooks) to meet the miners’ daily needs.

A remote mining camp will need accommodations, health and emergency services, warehousing and asset management, vehicle fleet management, adequate fuel supplies, transportation and helicopter services and laundry and cleaning services. All these are necessary not only to meet their miners’ most basic needs, but also to provide for the company’s day-to-day operations despite being in a remote area.

What a Mining Camp must Have

Mining companies will need structures that can completely envelop an isolated camp, particularly in mining places like Papua New Guinea. Aside from structures, they will need a dry and mould-free environment for accommodation and recreational areas for their mining personnel.

More importantly, they will need structures that are easily transportable, especially in remote areas like the highlands of South Pacific countries. After months of use, these structures must then be easy to be removed and moved at the end of a mine’s life, allowing for the natural return of the area’s biological system to its former resilient and sustainable state.

These essentials can be found in a container shelter offered by companies like Container Domes Australia. Since remote mining camps will often need to be moved from one isolated area to another, mining companies need structures that are both easy to install and easy to dismantle for use in other areas. With sturdier structures that can accommodate mining needs, companies can then have more opportunities to provide the world its need for minerals.


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