The Benefits of Relocatable Site Shelter for Industrial Applications

Various industries have been using container domes for different purposes, mainly to provide an alternative to erecting traditional structures in faraway locations, often with inhospitable conditions. Typically, these shelters are used to provide temporary bunk camps or work housing, mobile offices and clinics, storage for equipment, raw materials, or heavy machinery, and temporary construction sites. When a project is over, the shelters can be disassembled and stored or transported to the next location.

The benefits that a relocatable site shelter provides are many and varied compared to those offered by more permanent structures. Using a relocatable shelter that is easy to assemble and disassemble does not equate to using flimsy materials; on the contrary, these shelters are made to withstand strong winds and sweltering heat to protect their contents. Different industries also find that relocatable site shelters offer many other benefits, such as:


Unlike other permanent structures, this type of shelter is easy to assemble. Setting up the shed can be done DIY, but companies providing durable site shelters, such as Container Domes Australia, offer their services to have the structure professionally assembled and disassembled. Getting the shelter ready can be 50% faster than erecting a more permanent structure, so companies can start their projects immediately. For many businesses, time equals money, so cutting down preparation time in half can equate to higher profits.


By using a relocatable building, companies can move it at any given time. When a construction project is being expanded or moved to another site, the building can also be moved with minimal cost to accommodate the construction project’s shelter requirements.

Environmentally Friendly

Generally, when a building is no longer needed, it will be torn down and demolished, with the majority of the materials ending up in a landfill. A relocatable shelter can be disassembled and reassembled for reuse in another location. Relocating structures from one site to the next will have less impact on the environment compared to building and later demolishing permanent buildings.

Low Maintenance

Container sheds are made to be weatherproof, able to withstand extreme winds, strong rain, and unbearable heat. In addition, because it is made of galvanized steel, the sheds are resistant to termite infestation that usually plagues other types of buildings.


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