Building a Container Dome Shelter: Effective for Farming Applications

Farming is serious business, and when you are hard at work out in the fields, you will often need a place to store your hard-grown produce or your equipment in. A container dome system can emerge as an amenable storage and shelter solution, although not without trial and error. A farming couple from Western Australia learned that the hard way when a dome system they set up on their own for their farm goats flipped over amidst strong winds, a post in the Farmers Way of Life blog read. They obviously decided that the cheapest option was the best option, which obviously didn’t turn out to be the case.

The above can be of some concern for farmers anywhere in Australia, especially when storage space is at a premium. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported that private grain stocks in the country’s eastern farms are expected to grow by up to 50% within the next few years. When environmental conditions warrant more secure storage of your produce and your farm’s equipment, know that a company like Container Domes Australia can provide you with a favourable solution.

Dome Shelter Story and Application

A shelter installation may rely on your prospective functions for the proposed facility. The authors of the blog post mentioned above explained that they bought a shelter at a local farming expo for feedlots and trough covers; an idea to use the shelter for machinery was ruled out because they already had a 12 x 24 metre permanent shelter; however, they decided to bring it up to their farm as a special shade for their goat pens.

The couple took a few hours to set up the shelter. Small fences were set up on the sides to prevent the goats from walking elsewhere during feeding time. Although the shelter did as advertised, the couple were later stunned to learn that a severe gust of wind was somehow strong enough to make the shelter fly and collapse.

Quality Dome Shelters: Better Solution

Firms like Container Domes Australia have a workaround for the issues experienced by most DIY shelters, such as the one described above. Their shelters are all engineer certified, including any anchor options if required. And their NO CONCRETE anchor system makes securing your shelter a breeze.

Farms are always the spearhead in generating products for the country’s breadbaskets. Being able to store expensive equipment, ortheir grains or harvested crops in or under durable dome shelters while awaiting transport, not to mention sheltering their tools and equipment too, makes a positive difference in daily farm operations and management.


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