Climate Control: When Does a Container Shed Need to be Climatised?

A container shed can satisfy a variety of commercial and industrial needs. Whether referring to housing heavy-duty machinery or using this structure as an on-site workstation, the applications are nearly limitless.

Now, stand-alone power supplies and generations can be included within the typical facility. This enables customers to carefully maintain the interior environment; an important concern within some sectors.

The Protection of Electronic Equipment

There can be instances when a container shed is employed to temporarily house electronics and sensitive pieces of equipment. As every expert will point out, the presence of moisture can severely damage these components.

While silica gel packs and other methods can be used, it is just as effective to employ the use of a generator to power a dehumidifier within the unit. This is the best way to make certain that electronics will not be harmed from high levels of ambient moisture.


Another lesser-known benefit of a container shelter is that it can be used to store antiques for short and long periods of time. This is particularly the case when it is used in conjunction with closed-circuit television cameras and other surveillance equipment. As before, humidity may be a very real concern. Moisture can irreparably damage wood, textiles and painted objects.

Another issue to address here is that moist environments can prove to be the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and mould. These organisms could harm any extremely old materials; particularly paper documents such as wills or old books.

On a final note, antiques are highly susceptible to extreme variations in temperature. With the use of a dedicated power supply, the interior environment can be kept within very specific parameters. This will help to mitigate the chances of any major damage occurring during storage.

These are only two examples of when a climate-controlled container shed is very useful. Back-up generators and access to electrical power have dramatically increased the flexibility of these units. Still, it is always prudent to choose trusted manufacturers. This will help to guarantee the structural integrity of the entire shed and in many cases, such storage units come with an impressive warranty. It is now quite simple to protect delicate items against moisture and temperature variations.

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