Container Dome Shelters Reduce a Lot of a Mining Companies’ Worries

When people think of mining in Australia, they often think of the punishing heat of the Outback and its wide wilderness. The main problem with mining in the area is the environmental challenge of it; the high temperatures, the winds and the elements all conspire to make it difficult for any mining company to do their job. One of the things that can make it easier is to have container dome shelters set up at the mining site.

Why Container Shelters?

Companies like Container Domes Australia offer professional container dome installation for mining companies. The big question many ask is: why opt for shelters based on shipping containers? The main thing that container-based architecture delivers is ease and convenience. The main advantage of resorting to container-based architecture is that they are pre-fabricated, meaning that all you need to do it to assemble the structure when it arrives at your mining location. The usual set up is that two shipping containers support a steel dome of varying height and length. It saves time and you can have a shelter up quickly.

The other main characteristic of container shelters is that they are tough. Meant for transcontinental shipping, these steel containers are meant to face the worst of the elements. Compared to tents, a shipping container is a secure and safe place to store equipment or provide shelter for your employees. Containers can also be easily personalised; whether it’s cutting a hole for an air-conditioning unit to be added or installing solar panels for some off-the-grid electricity, your container shelter can be modified to fit whatever need you may have.

What It Does For Mining Companies

All of these properties are a great boon for mining companies. First of all, mining in the Outback can be a challenge for logistics reasons. Limited water and electricity, the rough terrain and the temperature alone can put a lot of strain on your employees. Having a place to shelter from the heat alone helps. Container shelters are set up quickly so that eliminates some of your miner’s worries like where they’ll be sleeping and where they’ll be keeping the equipment.

Secondly, container shelters are easy to relocate. Once permanent structures are placed after opening is started, container shelters can be dismantled and taken to another location to be set up again. This saves money and time, which can affect your bottom line. Finally, container shelters are very cost-effective. Constructing a permanent building requires delivery of materials and labourers; a container shelter is already built and will require minimal set-up and labour.


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