Container Dome Storage and More: Taking Care of Tools the Right Way

The last month of summer is coming up, and if you’re not yet preparing your tools and machinery for storage by now, you soon will be. So how did your equipment fare with last year’s storing methods? If you found them in bad shape in your shade dome and had to take significant steps to get them working again, you may want to introduce a few changes to your storage technique to ensure your tools are up and running in no time at all.

Ensure they’re in good condition

Your first order of business is to check that your tools and equipment are in good repair before you put them away. Have any broken machinery repaired first, and replace any tool that can’t be fixed.

Clean tools before storage

Remove all dirt, grime and soil from your tools. For your metal tools, dry them with a towel after cleaning, coat with machine oil, and then hang them up. The film of oil covering the metal surfaces will ensure no rust spots will appear. For those made of wood, it’s can be helpful to rub wood-nourishing oil such as linseed or mineral oil so they’ll be lubricated.

Be careful with how you clean though, because you could end up causing irreparable damage if you don’t do it properly. Check the owner’s manual of your machinery for the cleaning guide. Unless the instructions advise it, don’t use anything corrosive, such as chlorine, bleach, or abrasives.

Store in a cool, dry place

Check that your storage area is not exposed to a heat source or in direct sunlight. The UV rays and heat can compromise the quality of your tools and equipment. Too much exposure to heat and ultraviolet light can cause the breakdown of materials and increase their chance of failing when you need them most.

In addition, store your tools and equipment where unauthorized persons can’t simply pick them up and use them. If they’re easy to get to, there’s no telling what damage they may sustain. It’s practically assured that whoever ‘borrows’ your tools aren’t going to clean it after using it—that is, IF they decide to return it.

Using container domes for storage

Your storage technique is only as good as your storage space. Give your tools the adequate protection they need from the elements by storing them in a high-quality container dome such as those supplied by Container Domes Australia.

How To Take Care of Your Tools,