Container Domes: 4 Different Applications for Safer Construction Sites

Robust container domes are often used in construction sites that are less hospitable compared to urban sites. Thanks to their unique and versatile design, container domes are often used as storage areas for materials and equipment. However, enterprising minds in the construction industry can easily use container domes in other ways to help promote the safety of their sites. Some applications you may wish to try include:

Protection from Heavy Storms

Heavy rain and other inclement weather conditions can pose a major risk for your workforce, especially if your site is located in a rural area. The best container domes are made with the highest quality materials and built to meet international standards. Similarly, the best container domes are engineered for the specific wind region your site is in, allowing it to withstand even the most severe tropical cyclones.

Impromptu Garage for Vehicles

It’s not unusual to have a large amount of vehicles coming in and out of your construction site, hauling materials in and waste out. Naturally, leaving materials out in the open where most of your workforce passes by is more or less an accident waiting to happen. Large container domes can easily function as a garage for many of your vehicles, keeping walkways unobstructed. Similarly, the garage allows your drivers to tune up their trucks in a safer environment.

Break Area/Mess Hall

Well-designed igloo shelters from ISO-certified manufacturers can protect more than just materials and equipment. It is no secret that Australia sees more than its fair share of heat waves in recent years. A container dome in your site can also double as a break area for your workers. This way, the can get out of the heat, avoiding heat sickness. Furthermore, most container domes can be outfitted with ventilation systems and the like for better heat protection.

When sourcing your container domes, be sure to choose a reputable manufacturer like Container Domes Australia. Not only does this assure you of the quality of the container dome(s) you purchase, but it also gives you access to convenient services such as delivery and professional installation. This helps you keep your project on-schedule.

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