Container Domes and Igloo Shelters for Mining and Industrial Sites

Industrial companies need onsite shelters, such as container domes and igloo shelters where they can stash equipment or vehicles, perform laboratory works, and provide rest areas for their workers. Although designed to be temporary, these shelters must be secure and comfortable to ensure that their content will not be exposed to the elements.

Tents and huts are the most common types of temporary shelter built on mining and industrial sites. These types of shelter, however, are susceptible to heavy rains and strong winds, which may damage their content. With the materials they are made of, which may not provide sufficient insulation, they are very unlikely to regulate temperature.

Wooden and concrete shelters, on the other hand, can be built with sufficient and fully functioning insulation, but they require longer time and more money to build. The most ideal types of shelter to build on mining and industrial sites are domes and igloo shelters made of containers, and for good reasons:

Increased Protection

Most container domes are made of metal. They are more lightweight than wood and concrete but they are definitely tougher. They can withstand the beating of strong winds and hold heavy loads. They are the perfect shelter for your valuable assets, such as machinery and vehicles. In times of calamities, they can also provide shelter for your workers.

Space-Efficient and Watertight

Because container domes and igloo shelters are made of malleable materials, they can provide enough space for both storage and office/laboratory works. You can even turn some of the space into a kitchen or a living room to better support your workers’ needs. With proper insulation, you can make these shelters waterproof.

High Resale Value

Unlike pure wood and concrete structures that deteriorate over time, container domes and igloo shelters are expected to last for many years. In most cases, they can be reused, and when their material composition starts to fail, it can be recycled to be produced into new shelters again. This gives container domes and igloo shelters a high resale value.


Because most container domes and igloo shelters are lightweight, they can easily be transported. This also means they can be pre-built in a different location and delivered to your site right when you need them. It will eliminate the need for onsite construction, which might take weeks or months to finish.


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