Container Domes Can Help Increase Site Work Efficiency and Safety

Container domes are becoming increasingly popular in the mining industry due to their cheapness. The cost of their construction has plummeted as the supply increased over the years. The increased supply, on the other hand, was led by many mining and industrial companies discovering the benefits of these shelters in their operations.

Here are some reasons why you should consider installing a container dome on your mining site:

Easy to Install and Quick to Fix

Container domes are easy to install as long as there is enough space to put them up on. They can be built in just two to three days, whereas traditional wooden or concrete shelters may take weeks or months to cast in place. In effect, you can save time and money, since you can resume operation quickly without any delays.

Excellent Storage Space for Vehicles and Machinery

Vehicles and heavy machinery are the backbone of your mining operation. They have to be kept safe and maintained well when not in use. No other place can provide a safe storage space for these assets than your container domes. They are big enough to accommodate trucks and pay loaders and tough enough to protect them from the elements.

Extra Space for Office and Lab Work

Container domes can also provide extra space for office and laboratory works. They are usually well-insulated and you can install a HVAC system to regulate the temperature. They are a perfect place to store documents that are crucial to your operation. A lot of container domes are built watertight, which makes them all the more ideal for office works. In fact, they can be built with electrical circuitries, piped water systems, and briefing rooms.

Safe Room for Delicate Items

There are objects and chemicals used in mining that need to be stored in a room with controlled temperature to preserve their composition. Samples from the mine, for instance, may have slight changes in their composition when exposed to high or low temperatures, which in turn may produce inaccurate test results. They have to be stored in the container dome to maintain their usefulness.


When a company finishes its work on a particular site, it has to move to a new site. Container domes can be transported without intricate logistics. A company can reuse the same container for as many times as it needs. Furthermore, the containers have a very good resale value. Thus, container dome installation is your best bet for a perfect mining shelter.