Container Domes for a Private Hangar: Pointers Before Setting Up One

If you’ve just taken up flying as a hobby and have decided to invest in a private aeroplane and a piece of land for constructing an airstrip and hangar, it would be good to know that this wouldn’t be a problem. Current airstrips are either grass, dirt, or concrete, some of which are being used as emergency fields by the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

If you need a suitable aircraft hangar, you could use a sturdy container dome manufactured by companies like Container Domes Australia to store the aeroplane away and protect it from the elements. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you set up a hangar.

  • Location. You need to be mindful of the place you choose to set up your hangar. You may have to review local Council guidelines, as neighbours may have flooding and noise pollution concerns with frequent flights.
  • Size. If you’re new to flying, it’s safe to assume that you may have only one or two aeroplanes to play with. You need to take into account their dimensions and the size or number of support equipment you have to determine the hangar size. If you have more planes, make sure you relay the size and total number to your dome provider, and discuss the overall dimensions of the unit or units you want built. Dome shelters have specific dimensions so you must be clear about what you want. A Cessna 206, for example, which is 10.6m long, 2.7m high and 8.5m wide (wingspan) would fit into a 21m x 12m x 7.3m shelter, with enough room for support vehicles and equipment.
  • Features. Your aircraft hangar can become more than just a parking space and maintenance area for your aeroplanes. Its freight containers could house a makeshift flight office or storage of parts and accessories, or even aviation fuel storage. A provider of igloo shelters such as Container Domes Australia can also outfit the facility with lighting, ventilation systems, shelves, and security cameras for safety.
  • Portability. Dome shelters are not only easy to install, but are also fully relocatable,  should you wish to change the location of your hangar.

Now, if you become serious about flying and would someday want to turn the hobby into a business, rest assured that there are solutions you could turn to for whatever you require or prefer for your operation.


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