Container Domes Offer Convenience and Help to Address Rural Issues

As a primary industry in Australia, agriculture employs hundreds of thousands of people. Beef and dairy as well as fruits and vegetables are top products in the region. To keep up with the challenges in the agricultural sector, farmers are looking at cost-effective alternatives for storing and protecting their products, as well securing their investments. This is where container domes come in.

Not only are these shelters easy to set-up, but they are also tough and certainly built to last. Because of the solution-oriented approach offered by container domes, it isn’t any wonder why more businesses in the rural or agricultural sector and leveling up and installing them on their worksites.

Improving Security

The Australian Institute of Criminology continually gathers data on crimes that are reported from farms and rural regions. According to their findings over the past years, the biggest problems of farmers are theft of livestock and theft of machinery and equipment. With the quick set-up options offered by container domes, this security threat can be reduced. Precious crops, livestock, vehicles, and equipment can then be kept safe, both from the elements and from theft.

Cutting Down on Travel Time

According to the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, residents who live in country regions, remote, and rural areas in Australia travel from home to work and back home again at a distance of 50 to 62 km per day. That commuting distance is about three times greater compared to metropolitan regions in the nation.

Most of the residents in rural Australia work in the agricultural and mining industries. With this in mind, setting up mobile offices and temporary housing like a site shelter seems like a feasible solution against the problem of commuting. This cuts down the cost of traveling, and gives employees more time to get the job done.

Get in Touch with the Pros

If you’re in need of storage and shelter solutions for your farm, then look no further than to specialists in dome construction and design. Through their careful assessment of your worksite, they can design structures that work best for your needs. Learn more about the advantages of these shelters, and explore shelter solutions that will help your business grow.

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