Container Domes Provide Great Shelter Choices to Industrial Companies

When people think about Australian industry, they often think of great factories and the like. They’re a source of a large amount of revenue. These companies are dependent on their heavy machinery to keep functioning. The problem with this is that they can be quite susceptible to wear-and-tear and can break down if not given proper care. This is where firms like Container Domes Australia come in.

Dome Shelter Applications

The main danger to heavy equipment is the elements. By providing them with igloo shelters, your company can get its property out of the wind and the rain. This is especially important when Australia is in its rainy season; water is a threat to a lot of heavy machinery because it can start the rusting process. When that happens, you can expect your machinery to start breaking down with regular frequency.

It’s not only the elements you have to worry about though. Heavy machinery can easily be the target of theft. Prospective thieves can sneak into your worksites and steal valuable parts that can be costly to replace. Having a secure storage space like a dome shelter can go a long way to ensure that your valuable machinery doesn’t end up useless over missing parts. A company’s machines aren’t the only ones that can receive shelter from these buildings; if you’re working in a remote part of the Outback, as in mining, it can be hard to find decent housing for your employees in such a place. With these shelters, however, you can be assured that those in your employ are in good hands.

Advantages of Using Dome Shelters

Though it is possible for you to resort to traditional housing and building methods to create shelters for your employees and machines, there are several benefits to choosing dome shelters in particular. For one, it’s easy and quick to install. Building construction takes time; shelters use pre-fab parts like galvanised steel and steel containers to set things up fast. If you need shelter today, then dome shelters are your best option. Another reason is their flexibility; you can choose to cover just one end, both, or none. A warehouse is a warehouse and doesn’t lend itself to structural flexibility.

Finally, you can relocate the structure. For example, if you’re a mining company, you’d probably prefer a temporary structure. Traditional shelters are often built permanently in a location. Dome shelters can be dismantled afterward and moved to where it is needed.



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