Container Domes Provide Safer, More Cost-Effective Working Environment

Heavy industries across Australia, and those involved in agriculture can all benefit from the use of a combination of shipping container conversions, used in conjunction with container domes.

With environmental issues never far from the front pages, and the health, safety, and welfare of company employees having to be considered alongside operational procedures, greater numbers of companies are turning to containers and dome shelters to provide a safer, more cost effective working environment.

Dome Shelters Used in Petroleum and Mining Industries

Providing accommodation, offices, machinery parts storage, and workshops, containers can be cheaply converted to supply the most basic of amenities or even high-quality living accommodation and luxurious office space.

Easily transported and quickly erected, these containers can be up and running as a fully operational site management complex within a matter of hours. This gives senior staff the time to begin organising site operations the same day. In a business where time is money, a single accommodation container, another converted for office use, and the two joined by a dome shelter immediately provide all that is required for staff well-being, operational planning, and covered parking facilities for vehicles and plant equipment when working in remote areas.

For those in the mining and petroleum industries, pipe laying and other heavy industries, a fully operational temporary industrial complex can be erected and fully operational within days. Once key personnel are on site, additional accommodation can be added, such as workshops, stores, canteens and employee rest and recreation facilities.

With a site shelter erected between containers, the whole complex provides a decent working environment for employees, keeping them shielded from the elements, and providing adequate living and day-to-day facilities and secure storage areas for plant, equipment and vehicles.

Dome Shelters Used in the Farming Industry

In an industry that supplies over 90% of Australia’s food requirements, and earns over $30 billion in exports, the Australian farming community is a major player in the economic well-being of the country. As would be expected of the 130-thousand plus farms managing over 60% of the land mass, they are also in the frontline of both manmade and natural environmental issues.

With severe climatic conditions, such as higher temperatures and lower levels of rainfall, a great number of farmers is turning to the use of container domes to provide additional storage of foodstuffs, and improve livestock comfort by providing extra shade.

Whether involved in heavy industries or agriculture, containers and a site shelters like those from Container Domes Australia may well provide the solution to a number of your operational problems.


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