Container Shelters Helps Mining Sites Cut Down on Energy Consumption

We live in an era where the oil industry has, unfortunately, become a tried and true veteran of environmental issues. This means that oil companies of all stripes need to watch what they do more carefully, and do their part in keeping the environment clean and healthy.

We also live in a time where workers expect more time at home, but those working out in the oil fields might find themselves there for a week or more at a time. That’s just the nature of the work, and it’s one that hardy oil workers have become used to. But there’s a way to make their time on the oil fields more homely, and even to connect them a little bit with their loved ones.

The solution for both the environment and the worker, as it turns out, is the same. Container shelters provide an environmentally friendly solution to both needs and more: they provide shelter, storage space, and most of the other utilities that a more typical building would.

This includes power. While many oil fields already sport electricity, a properly-outfitted container dome workstation includes solar power with backup generators. Add to that the reduced environmental impact of the construction itself, and you have a highly efficient shelter option.

A container dome workstation’s features don’t stop there. Depending on your needs, it can include security lighting, CCTV cameras, or even end walls. If you need a specific feature, a container dome can often be made to include it.

In Australia, the weather is usually fair to hot. A container shed from reputable suppliers like Container Domes Australia is rated to withstand Australia’s heat, and being both fire-resistant and water-resistant, they can also be made to withstand the typhoon season, whenever it happens. This makes them a perfect container for needed goods, and a perfect shelter for people.

Container dome shelters can even be moved from place to place. With the kind of versatility they provide, and the minimal environmental impact they make, they’re a worthy investment for any kind of outdoors company.

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