Container Shelters and Other Measures for Employee Sun Protection

Excessive sun exposure is the primary cause of skin cancer. This means that industrial laborers who work for prolonged periods under the sun are at high risk for the disease. Australia has one of the highest skin cancer rates in the world, so workplace managers must never neglect this particular aspect of their job and ensure that their workers are adequately protected from overexposure. Follow these guidelines for outdoor workers to help them keep safe under the sun.

Reorganise job hours

To ensure better comfort, you can reorganise your job tasks so your workers are able to complete the necessary work hours before the sun can deal its damage. The hours of greatest sun intensity are those between 10 am and 4 pm, so try to get the work done before or after these hours. If this is impossible, then you may want to consider the protective measures below.


Require your people to wear sun-protective clothing that covers the skin, such as long-sleeved, tightly woven shirts with collars and long trousers. Avoid clothes that let in light. If light is getting through, that means the UV rays are reaching the skin. For eye protection, be sure to have safety glasses with the ability to filter UV rays.


Provide your people with sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher. Tell them to reapply every two hours at most, and make sure their face, ears, arms, hands, and neck are covered. Keep in mind that some industrial substances, such as diphenyls and asphalt, can worsen the harmful effects of UV radiation. A water-resistant sunscreen can provide added protection against these substances, especially if skin contact is inevitable.


Certain jobs that take place under the sun can sometimes be conducted in a shady location. If possible, you can have your workers work under a container shed. If it’s impossible to have them work under the shade, give them hourly breaks so they can rest and replenish their sunscreen.

Where to find container shelters

Quality container shelters are sold by trusted manufacturers such as Container Domes Australia. These manufacturers offer customised container solutions so you can enhance worker protection even more.

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