Custom Dome Shelter: Take Inspiration from Popular Survival Shelters

Man’s needs have grown quite complex since the primitive age when food were mostly hunted in the wilderness and shelter could be as simple as a spacious cave. Today, shelter–one of man’s basic needs–isn’t just four walls and a roof over one’s head. The term “shelter” has branched out to various types that are based on their purpose, function, and design. A dome shelter is one good example of such a variation.

The Versatility of Dome Shelters

Dome shelters are generally considered as cost-effective housing solutions to provide protection and shade for any site requirements. They can be designed to serve a range of purposes from industrial, commercial, to residential settings. A high-quality and versatile dome shelter and other similar structures, such as the ones made by established companies like Container Domes Australia, are tough, easy to install, relocatable, and can be customised depending on customer needs. For instance, some dome shelters may be mounted on sizable containers for increased storage while others can be designed to become eco-friendly with solar panels and by utilising sustainable materials in the construction.

Since dome shelters can be configured in a variety of ways, you might want to take inspiration in some of the toughest types of survival shelters used by outdoor enthusiasts to keep the elements out and ensure their safety. Here are a couple of popular survival shelters and how they are designed:


Characterised by a flat roof, lightweight beams, and four posts, the Ramada is a simple type of shelter that is best used in hot environments. If your goal is to merely keep the sun’s rays out and ensure ample shade 24/7, a Ramada-inspired dome shelter can be right for you. You may add removable walls that you can put up when the weather cools down or to create a sense of privacy.

Round Lodge

Abounding in the historic American west and pre-Roman Britain, the round lodge is actually a hybrid shelter from numerous cultures. It typically has a smoke hole on the roof and is structured like a cone-shaped tent but with a solid doorway. Round lodges are ideal for areas with wetter climates as they can block wind, rain, sun, and cold. For a dome shelter that can stand tall rain or shine, a round lodge based design can be the answer.


The quinzhee is probably among the top inspirations of industrial or commercial shelters. It is a dome-shaped snow shelter, which is much like an igloo, with a ventilation hole in the roof. In fact, dome shelters are also referred to as igloo shelters. Igloo shelters are great in keeping the heat in and ensuring optimal protection.

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