Danger Everywhere: Container Domes Shelter Your Workers in the Outback

The Australian Outback is one of the most inhospitable environments in the world. However, it also has a wealth of mineral resources waiting to be tapped, and a lot of mining companies are taking their operations to the area. Considering the Outback’s reputation, one of the main concerns of many mining companies is the safety of their workers and their equipment. Fortunately, shelter manufacturers, like Container Domes Australia, can help resolve that problem. Here’s a list of the dangers facing workers when they work in the Outback, and how the right shelters could benefit them.

Animal and Insect Attacks

For such a dangerous environment, the Outback is teeming with life—just not human life. For example, there are wild bulls and boars roaming the area. Being charged by one of these bulls could be lethal for any human being.

You rarely have to worry about the big critters, though, as it’s the small ones that are really troubling. Insects, like stink bugs, can congregate in large amounts, causing discomfort to everyone, while mice plagues can pop up, biting your employees and causing diseases.

This is where container domes come in. When properly set up, these shelters are animal- and insect-proof or, at least, secure enough to prevent large groups of wildlife from troubling your workers.

High Temperatures

The Australian Outback is also notoriously hot. A heat wave could roll in at any time and this may cause problems for your workers. People can work in a lot of environments, but extreme heat can result in dehydration and heat stroke.

The Outback can be even more punishing; temperatures could reach the high 50s and go on that way for weeks at a time. Igloo shelters will be able to provide shelter from the heat, and air conditioning and cooling systems can be installed, depending on your requirements. Plus, these shelters can store water and other food supplies for your employees.

Dust Storms

One of the big dangers in the area is a dust storm. The Outback has weather extremes and the howling winds can pick up a whole lot of dust. Getting caught in a large dust storm can be a death sentence. Fortunately, well-made shelters provide a safe place for your workers to hide out until the worst is over.

Keep Your Employees Safe

Your employees are the lifeblood of your company. Protect them when they’re out there in the wilderness, toiling for your profits, by providing them with the best shelters money can buy.

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