The Different Functions of a Container Shed in a Plant or Mining Site

Industrial plants and mining sites require roofed structures to support a wide range of onsite activities. Considering that operations in these places may entail constant relocation of facilities, owners and builders are looking for an option that is easy to build and dismantle. This has led them to the container domes, a structure made of metal frames and sheets put together using nuts and bolts.

Unlike concrete structures, container domes are very easy to install, since they don’t require complex masonry work and a significant curing time. The components can simply be delivered to the site premade and installed. The entire process can take just one day to finish depending on the size and number of the dome to be put up. Here are some of the crucial uses of a container shed or dome.

Protect Valuable Machinery and Equipment

Maintenance and repair usually takes a huge chunk of the budget in a plant or mining project. This is why it is a wise decision to invest in the protection of plant machinery and equipment. Container domes are a perfect place to stash these assets and protect them the elements. They may also provide a safe and comfortable place for regular upkeep and repair works.

Provide Extra Workspace and Lecture Areas

To ensure that all workers and supervisors are in the same page, they have to be oriented of the target and strategy on a regular basis. This is why it is important for a plant or mining site to have an area for meetings and lectures. A container dome can definitely provide such a space, even more comfortable than a typical conference room given its high roof line. It can also provide extra workspace for employees.

Lodging for Stay-In Employees

Some workers may have been deployed from really distant cities. Most plant and mining site owners prefer providing them with lodging onsite through a container shelter instead of letting them rent apartments in the surrounding towns, and for good reasons. It reduces punctuality issues that often derail the operation and ensures that the site is monitored 24/7.

Simple structures like container domes play a vital role in the success of any industrial project. Plant and mining site owners must not hesitate to invest in high-quality domes. They should hire only the best contractor that specialises in container dome construction.


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