Dome Shelter in Australia Becomes a Popular Option for On-Farm Storage

Farm owners used to store their grains in bulk depots. Today, however, some 35 to 40 percent of these same farmers have now turned to dome shelter in Australia for on-farm storage. This rapid increase in shift rate is most probably because many farmers are now open to adopting smarter methods when it comes to being more vigilant with their crops.

According to an interview in, on-farm storage presents a lot of advantages. First is that farmers are able to hold-off their crops, and get to decide when to sell it. Second is that it becomes possible to farm the crops and safely store them before destructive weather, like a hurricane, or a sandstorm, hits. Lastly, it simply provides more space, thus opening the possibility of harvesting more crops. It is also important to note that because grains are stored on-farm, there is less need for transporting the crops to bulk handling companies. This allows the crops to be immediately stored and secured, thus preventing any possible deterioration in quality. For the part of the farmers, this faster process of storing the grains should allow them more time to plan and care for the other grains. Furthermore, dome shelters can also be used to store their farming equipment and other farming necessities, such as fertilizers.

The increase in demand for quality dome shelters could also be attributed to the growing trend of using solar energy along with storage units. Just like any other structure on the farm, storage or shelters would also require the use of electricity. Diesel generators of old, however, tend to be costly. Fortunately today, solar energy is becoming more and more accessible, thanks to the growing consumer demand. It has become so popular, in fact, that some storage providers like Container Domes Australia are now offering solar kits and back-up generators as add-ons to their storage units. With energy available in the dome shelters, CCTV cameras, lighting, and equipment can all be installed to further ensure the safety of its contents.

Farmers nowadays are a lot more eager to learn and apply modern technology to their farming methods. The goal of course of every farmer is to earn more, and modern methods will allow them to do so.


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