How Dome Shelter Workstations Enhance and Boost Work Productivity

Industrials activities such as gas and petroleum mining are labour-intensive, hence the need to create a conducive work environment for workers. Apart from providing cover for tools and equipment, a dome shelter container offers remote workstations for employees. In fact, the use of a dome shelter can prove to be a more favourable workplace on construction sites.

Enhancing Illumination

Lighting has a significant effect on a worker’s productivity. Poor lighting affects their mood, hormonal balance and overall behaviour of an employee. As such if the work extends into the wee hours of the night, it is important to have the dome shelter fitted with LED work lights, headlights and emergency strobe lights. LED lights produce adequate lighting without emitting extra heat, so the room’s temperature is maintained.

Storage Areas

During busy days, employees may not have time to sort through the different equipment, thus the need to erect storage spaces in the dome shelter. The storage options allow workers to find tools hassle-free and create safe walkways- an important aspect as lots of people work in the shelters at one time. The storage areas should also be customised to allow storage of harmful chemicals.

Fully Insulated

The primary importance of a dome shelter is to create a comfortable work environment. Mining areas are prone to high temperatures, hence the need to ensure the shelters are fully insulated. Studies show that the ideal productivity temperature is 21 degrees Celsius. Maintaining the appropriate temperature in the workplace boosts employee’s productivity and minimises power bills.

With insulated dome shelters, you don’t have to worry about inflated electricity bills during the hotter months of the year. Additionally, you can invite potential clients to these spaces to work through important paperwork. Ceiling fans also come in handy when reducing room temperatures.

Providing Security Lighting

Security lighting is of paramount importance when you have expensive equipment on mining sites. You don’t have to worry about the tools getting damaged or stolen with adequate security lighting. Setting up motion sensor lighting, which gets activated through movement detection, for example, eliminates the chances of break-ins. You also reduce the manpower used to monitor security in the mining area.

Dome shelters are invaluable in heavily-industrialized areas around Australia. The areas are characterised by wide open spaces where work stretches for miles across desert terrains with no form of decent shelters. A dome shelter provides cover for the machinery and equipment while converted containers offer respite from dust and rain.

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