The Ever-Reliable Container Dome: Contributions to Key Industries

Key industries in Australia, such as the metal and mining industry, as well as the industrial and material sector, are slowly realizing the numerous advantages of container domes. These rapid-install structures create secure spaces for storage, on-site offices, as well as workshops and housing for employees, at a fraction of the cost of erecting a building.

How else can Australian businesses harness the benefits of shade dome installation on their work sites? By knowing some basics about the structures and their practical applications, owners can make better decisions that can streamline operations.

Choice of Materials

What sets a shade dome apart from other quick set up shelters is the rigidity and reliability of its materials. Its framework, sleeves, rails, bracings, and the bolts and nuts that keep it together are all fabricated from high-strength galvanized steel. This alloy requires very little maintenance once installed, and it is resistant to damage, allowing it to last for a long time.

Another unique aspect of a trusted container dome is its covering. Canvacon is a specialized industrial textile woven from high-density polyethylene. This material is sturdy, can resist tearing and abrasion, and forms a very watertight seal, protecting everything it covers. Many companies in the agricultural and industrial sector rely on this same material for storage purposes and more.

Perks for the Business

Experienced specialists in shade dome installation can guarantee that the whole structure can be set from the ground up in the shortest time possible. It’s unique rolled sleeve system for the framework and bracings can be pulled, connected, and locked with just nuts and bolts. This allows your business to continue with its operations without any interruption.

Shade domes are also attached to the steel container via a base rail mount system. Much like pitching a tent, installation personnel simply need to interlock in the pieces and secure them with fasteners. This system creates a tight seam between the Canvacon covering and the container as the base, making it fully waterproof and free of leaks.

Customization and More

Solar panels are steadily being welcomed by homes and businesses in Australia. Every year, approximately 16% of the nation’s power is sourced from small-scale solar installations. Shade domes can be custom-fitted with solar panels, too. This allows your structure to harness clean energy during the day, so it has enough power to keep the lights on at night. In the long run, this can cut down your company’s electricity spending by a huge margin.

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