Fabrics of Dome Shelters Offer Numerous Benefits for Your Company

For industries requiring onsite shelters, dome shelters are perhaps the most cost effective solution available in the market today. Dome shelters are not only designed for durability and easy relocation, but are also manufactured to reduce your operation’s carbon footprint. Opting for fabric structures like dome shelters, however, offer your company more than these aforementioned benefits.


Among the biggest benefits of fabric structures like dome shelters is that they provide flexibility and versatility in design, elasticity, and strength. These qualities make dome shelters accommodating to varying loads, while providing clear areas for maximum floor space.

Climate Responsive

During the day, fabric structures provide abundant daytime lighting, making its interior an inviting environment for people, and even for plants and animals. In hot summer days, the interior is kept cool, while in the cold winter days, the indoors provide warmth. Since fabric structures provide indoor temperature stability, companies can gain further energy savings.

Transportable or Permanent

Though dome shelters are often used for temporary structures, these also make for a good permanent shelter in a particular site. In fact, they are an excellent alternative to the standard brick and mortar buildings, since they can allow specific requirements to be met that are often not offered by typical structures. Furthermore, fabric structures are absolutely easy to be moved to a new location, and owners have the choice of reselling them in the future.


Most company owners might think that these structures can let in sound from outside, but actually, fabric structures are absolutely exceptional with its acoustics; no sound of the rain or sleet would enter. Furthermore, the curved shape of a dome shelter limits echoes, thus resulting in a more controlled atmosphere within.

Cost Effective

Unlike brick and mortar buildings, fabric structures would cost less due to many factors. For one, less site preparation is required during installation. These are also less likely to contaminate groundwater, since these are built from the ground up, thus doing away with unforeseen expenses. All these allow you to use dome shelters all year round and even extend your operating conditions.

The fabrics used on these structures are not just any kind, for these are innovative forms of constructed fibres, providing a variety of aesthetic free-form building designs based on your site’s needs. Ensuring that the dome shelter has the right material, proper design, engineering, and installation makes for a sound and durable structure. These elements are found in a dome shelter provided by manufacturers in Australia, like Container Domes Australia.

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